Services Cost List

The full list of available services follows. Often however, a client will have a question about a service(s) not listed. Whenever occurring, you can simply ask the therapist for availability. (We are trying to provide the community with professional, affordable therapy across all demographics...we know that "all is not created equal" in the reality of economics. Therefore, don't eliminate the opportunity for help based on money without first calling.)

Service Title Appt. Length(Mins.) Prices
Couples Counseling 50 clinical minutes $140.00
Couples Individually 50 clinical minutes $125.00
Individual Sessions 50 clinical minutes $125.00 - 250.00
Individual Sessions 30 clinical minutes $60.00
Initial Visit / Intake 120 clinical minutes $250.00
Evaluation w Report (long version) 150 clinical minutes $375.00
Evaluation w Report (MiniEval) 90 clinical minutes $180.00
Forensic Mental Health Counseling   $1,500.00 and up
PsychoSexual Evaluation w Report 120 clinical minutes $350.00
Personality Testing (w Analysis) 120 clinical minutes $300.00
Long Distance Telehealth 30 / 50 clinical minutes $60.00 / $125.00
Trauma Therapy (EMDR) 90-120 clinical minutes $180.00
Psycho-Educational Community Group   $30.00 per person (5 minimum)
In-Home Individual Therapy 50 clinical minutes $180.00
Intense Out-Patient Group 10 hours per week (3 hours per day) $300.00 per day

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